Using PRO CREATE on the iPad

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

You may think, 'omg how do you use this thing' or 'how can you create something' with this app on your iPad.

First of all I recommend it highly if your not a very high tech person like myself but with this app it is just like photoshop but better on the iPad. There is some features you can't you like what you could use on photoshop like importing video into image layers so on.

Once you have downloaded the app all you have to do is pay £9.99 one off price for the whole thing to unlock all the features, unlike adobe you have to pay a monthly price. this is so much more affordable than adobe.

After downloading and paying for the full access to pro create if you do or still need to purchase the apple pen I suggest you do that because once you use your apple pencil with the pro create its so much like actually drawing onto paper. So you will have to connect your apple pencil once your pencil is fully charged up to the pro create app and just follow the instructions.

but here's a little doodle video of me using the ProCreate app.

this is also a full clip of various time lapsed videos from pro create. Enjoy ! :)

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