How I survived Uni life during Lock-down

My experience has been a roller coaster! I have never experienced such a struggle, especially during a pandemic which has been the first in a decades.

Final year of university was supposed to be one of the most exiting, a world wind of adventures and lots of tears from your classmates, with all the hard work we have been putting in for our final projects. These times we were supposed to share and cherish these moments for a life-time but we was unable to, since the Cornavirus outbreak started in late January this is when things started to slowly but quickly [in a split second] to fall apart.

February came, I was already on my way to a short holiday in Mauritius, as I was working on my Final Project since December; the Cornavirus was already out there in the world, spreading like a disease.

MARCH: as I came back from Mauritius, I managed to get into campus for 1 week coming to the second week until LOCK-DOWN began! That's when it hit us all at uni;

"how we going to manage? what are we going to do? I can't get access to a lot of equipment, I can't gain access to a lot of library services"

We all had to manage some how as Fashion students, we became lucky; how Fashion Technology can work in so many mysterious ways, how this was going to shape our future and how digital technology helped us during the pandemic.

It all got so surreal ! I never thought how much this effected everyone globally; loosing close ones and family, loosing jobs, businesses cut off because of economy etc.

As a Fashion Illustration student, we all had to support each other in our small community, we need that kick and it helped in the long run. I was able to adapt with equipment or anything I wasn't able to access physically at campus, but was able to gain access digitally, was able to buy things that I knew I was able to use in my career and that is what I did. With the help of the universities Bursary and Funding, I was able to get digital and tech equipment.

I created a lot of content since, using time-lapsing for YouTube, re-creating my Instagram profile and portfolio and re-designing my online portfolio website.

I did learn a lot during these last two months with my course, having to adapt everything online with tutorials, group sessions and any advice which includes counselling. Mentally a lot of students were struggling mentally than you would when your going to campus. I developed my skills more by spending more time at home on my project than usual which helped get my grade up. Drawing, sketching and editing everyday built my abilities higher, as I knew I could achieve them.

Lock-down had some negatives but there were a lot of positives, this pandemic I will not let it effect my future and my work.

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